Project Activities

  • Research and Developing Need Analysis Report / August 2015-February 2016:

A comprehensive need analysis of practices of social entrepreneurs in Turkey and Estonia will be prepared based on the study of online communication and workshops with social entrepreneurs and ecosystem developers.

A study of online communications (websites, Facebook pages etc.) of social enterprises and entrepreneurial civil society organizations will be conducted to analyse what and how they publish about their impact for providing the project with quantitative (e.g. how many social enterprises explicitly publish their theory of change) and qualitative (e.g. the best examples of using story-telling) data.

Young social entrepreneurs will be invited for workshops in Turkey and Estonia to share their needs and expectations. Click here for photos from the workshop with Turkish Young Social Entrepreneurs. 

Expert interviews will be conducted to map the situation and needs of stakeholders in the beginning of the project. It is aimed to develop a systematic collection and comparatively review the needs and opinions of social entrepreneurs and eco-system developers related to strategic development of impact analysis capacity building, especially in relation to educating the young generation of change-makers.

Representatives of Ecosystem Developer and Supporter Institutions will convene and a moderated workshop will be held to get their insights on the existing situation, existing tools to support young social entrepreneurs and get their input for the development of the framework. Their input will be especially valuable in final editions to the Need Analysis Report.

  • Social Impact Analysis Framework / January-May 2016

A social impact analysis framework will be developed for young social entrepreneurs presenting social impact analysis model for social start-ups.

The framework guide will be translated into Turkish and Estonian and distributed in digital and paper form to social entrepreneurs, eco-system developers, policy makers, social investors and governmental funding agencies. The framework guide will be revised after the course of the project based on feedback received in international training, coaching and measurement.

  • Training Tools and Program (Social Impact Analysis Guide) / January-May 2016

The need analysis report and the framework guide will be the base for developing the training tools and program for the International Boot Camp for Young Social Entrepreneurs in Turkey.

On the basis of the training content and developed tools Social Impact Analysis Guide will be prepared.

  • International Training: Social Impact Boot Camp for Young Social Entrepreneurs (30 participants from Estonia and Turkey) in Turkey / Summer 2016

The training will bring together young social entrepreneurs from Estonia and Turkey. The aim of the training is to raise awareness on social impact measurement among young social entrepreneurs. Training will be designed as training course for youth workers as the participants will be selected from the network of ecosystem developers and will be excepted to not only to use the information received and skills developed in their own work but also to share it and transmit their knowledge to other young social entrepreneurs.

  • Coaching for young social entrepreneurs / Fall 2016-Spring 2017

The 7-month coaching period will follow Social Impact Boot Camp for Young Social Entrepreneurs. 10 coaches will work with 30 young social entrepreneurs in Estonia and Turkey on measuring social impact of the social enterprises and developing social impact reports.

  • Best Practices on Social Impact Analysis Cases for Social Entrepreneurs / Spring 2017

The best cases of social impact measurement developed during coaching period will be selected both in Turkey and Estonia. The publication presenting good practices and examples will be prepared.

  • Conferences of Social Impact Analysis Framework and Best Practice Cases for social entrepreneurs in TURKEY and ESTONIA / May-June 2017

Conference of Social Impact Analysis Framework and Best Practice Cases will be organize in Turkey and Estonia in order to share the outputs of the project with ecosystem developers, and match social investors with social entrepreneurs.

All materials developed within the project will be shared through Social Impact Analysis Web Portal. Portal will be the resource center for young social entrepreneurs, stakeholders and all people interested in social entrepreneurship and social impact measurement.


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