Ortak Yaratım creates projects with the aim of creating communities that are compatible within their environments, alternative economies and a sharing culture.

Yuvarla makes it possible for online shoppers to donate money to the NGO of their choice by rounding up their payment total and donating the “rounding” amount.

Social MakerLab designs and builds solutions to social problems using technology and aims to foster movement in the field.

Ustamdan focuses on economic sustainability on Anatolian handicrafts and traditions by creating corporate demand on handicrafts and cultural sustainability by featuring Anatolian traditions.

Patipedia aims to foster both environmental and social wellbeing and the welfare of animals by providing relevant information and news catered to individuals.

Buremangla is an online platform that aims to encourage renting over buying and promote it as a sustainable habit for using things.

Önemsiyoruz is an organization made up of volunteers that questios the concept of “play” and design toys and work collectively for the production, packaging and delivery.

TABİT designs tech-based solutions to agricultural problems encountered by the Anatolian farmers, currently working with Vodafone on the “Smart Village” project.

Gelecek Daha Net is a youth development platform with online and offline tools for helping youngsters make right choices in education, carreer and life in general.

DeM short for “Experiental Education Center” aims to create experiental education environments for regularly taught subjects.

SineMASAL creates access for kids living in rural areas for cinema and other kinds of art.

E-Bursum is an online platform that aims to bring the process of applying for and receiving scholarships to the digital environment for greater ease and efficiency.

Yazılım Kulübü is a high-school level club that is built for the aim of leading young people to produce technology rather than consume it.

SpeakSmart is a social training company and offer training on analytical thinking, argumentation, public speaking and debate for businesses, public institutions, NGOs and private individuals.

MTÜ Randvere Tööõppekeskus aims to provide job like activities to mentally disabled people and motivate them to manage more themselves with less side help. We offer several social services to diversify our clients lives.

Harga MTÜ is located in the countryside in Noarootsi. It has been providing hobby education in the countryside with mentors.

MTÜ Toiduga Sõbraks is founded to improve the knowledge and skills about healthy eating. The main target group is the people of Hiiumaa. It is agreed that the focus of next years is set on children health and nutritional behavior: how to reverse the growing numbers of childhood obesity.

Helpific  aims with positive stories to encourage all community members to acknowledge people with special needs as individuals, who are no different from people of same age – they go out for dating, clubbing, do sports, have hobbies and work in different jobs.  In cooperation with JCI Estonia local chapters this installation will hold a roadshow in different Estonian cities.

MTÜ Aga Mina’s vision is to reach the situation where there occur no accidents with small children in Estonia caused by ignorance or negligence. Our mission is to change the behavioural patterns of people that would allow preventing accidents involving small children. Primary target group is children aged 3-7.

Estonian Medical Students’ Association  is a NGO that connects medical students in Estonia and as Tartu is the only place in Estonia where it is possible to study medicine, the organisation is located right there.

MTÜ Jääk ja Praak produces products by using different types of manufacturing waste and defective products. Our products are prepared people from Hiiumaa with special needs.

MTÜ EMSI is a local community and social life center with the aim to provide cultural and local social life acitivities. The target group is local community of Hiiu county.

MTÜ RuaCrew  supports and enforces young people that they would become coping adults. The organization trains persons to work with youth. The target group is youth with behavioural problems, families and formal  network surrounding the youth.

Investeerimisklubi teaches people about good consumer habits, finances, saving money and investing to help improve people’s financial situation in order for them to be happier, healthier and in charge of their life.

Harju County Entrepreneurship and Development Consultancy is an insititutional part of the public supporting system in Estonia with main goal being to initiate and implement projects aimed to contribute to the local development in Harju country. The consultancy forms partnerships with local authorities, non-profit based sector and also entrepreneurs.

Ettevõtlusküla/Bizplay educates youth through engaging entrepreneurship training that turns classrooms into a market place, students discover by themselves what entrepreneurship together with sales, finances, marketing, documenting, customer service and much more is about. Currently, educative games have been created to and carried out in kindergarten, primary and middle schools, each educational stage having its own purpose and level of complexity.

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